Creating my world, one day at a time!

March 16, 2010

3 Months and 16 days and not one time has the Magic of creating a Clear Intention failed me.

I am sure you have heard it before. All of this talk about; the law of attraction, affirmations and creating a clear intention to manifest it into existence.

I have met many people and gone to many workshops (both business and Spiritual) that have issued a challenge to apply the law of attraction to making your day each morning.

All of these suggestions were ridding the wave that books like; The Secret, Abraham Hicks, The Power of Now, etc, had created. It all sounded like a great idea and years ago, with the support and prompting of a life coach, I even gave it a try.

This was the plan; every morning grab my journal and write down what I wanted to create each day. Every night grab the journal and write down how it went and what lessons I learned. Great plan and I did it… for about 3 days.

What were my results? Lots of moments, after the three initial days, of sitting in my car, on the way to work, realizing that I had forgotten to do it again and cussing under my breath with a promise to do it tomorrow.

I know that there are those of you out there that have pulled this one off. People who somehow manage to take the time every morning to write down in their journal. If you are one of these people, I invite you to comment below on how you did/do this!

To those of us who don’t pull it off that way. I invite you to keep reading…

So, here I it is over 6 years later and somewhere along the way, I realized I had a belief that “it has to look a certain way”.

I think the belief that “it has to look a certain way” was also amplified by my, what many have called, OCD. A great curse to have, if you are making business plans and management systems, etc. Not so great, if you are attempting to find a way to manifest your intentions into reality.

I have the thought, that I am not the only person who has found that a certain belief was/is standing directly between them and what they wanted. This belief often led me to frustration, expectations and disappointment.

The first step was acknowledging the belief. The second step was to do some work that would clear the belief while practicing a new one (more on this another time).

On January 1st, along with the millions of other New Years Resolutionists, I decided to give it another go. Since the last time I tried, I had picked up / created a few tools that have made my ability to set goals and achieve them sky rocket so I figured now was the time. Except this time I didn’t have the belief of “it has to look a certain way” fogging up my vision.

Every morning, when I get to work, I see this bright neon pink post it that I leave out on my desk (pink for dramatic affectJ). I keep it simple and write at the top of the pink post it “created today” (affirmation in the now). Then I write a list of what I am creating.

That’s it, no journal and not even until I get to work. Granted, I leave my car ride to work up to chance and on weekends I usually get around to doing it at 11 am but I have found that doing it this way works great… for me.

So here I am 3 months and 16 days later… and what are my results? I can honestly say that every intention I have written, I have created!

Granted, I am keeping my intentions to things that I don’t have huge beliefs about (fears, doubts, behavior patterns, etc. Those I am still working on and they will make this list soon. But with what I am writing down I have accomplishing some pretty miraculous stuff.

Here is an example. One day I wrote:

Created today

  • Connection
  • Energy
  • Fun

And on that day I meet 3 new people that I really connected with and became friends with. I had tons of energy and the whole day was a blast. In fact, now I write Energy on almost all of my days.

Here is one of my favorites. Just one week ago, I wrote:

Created Today

  • Energy
  • Financial Abundance
  • Accomplishment

With in 10 minutes of writing this my wife called me and said that she had talked to the hospital about the baby delivery bills. (They had told us the day before that we still owed them $750 dollars. When my wife told me this I couldn’t believe my ears, not another bill!).

When she called them up them up that morning they noticed that they had screwed up and that they owed us almost $1,000 dollars. With this new news we ended up paying off all the rest of the doctor bills with money left over… and on top of that I had a ton of Energy and accomplished allot!

Over and over this has worked for me and here is why I think it does this time:

  • Unlike last time, I found a way that worked with the way I all ready do things, i.e. lists, at the office, pink post its, etc.
  • Instead of assuming I know how the energy, financial abundance, etc is going to come to me, I stay open to how ever it might come.
  • I stay aware, conscious and in tune so that when it comes I notice and I take advantage of it.
  • And I practice it over and over so that I train my mind, body and spirit that this is reality not just theory.

If you are all ready manifesting your day, each day, keep it going, you are a superstar. To the rest of the world that, like me, didn’t pull it of at first try, here is my invitation for you; keep going! Find a way that makes sense to you and the way that you do things. Notice the beliefs that might be standing in your way and above all keep it simple!

–          Mr. Rogers


Be carefull what you wish for… I got it all and then some!

January 12, 2010

It is a new year, a time for reflection and creating new direction.  How was your 2009? After chewing over this question for a time I decided that I was glad that 2009 happened as long as it never happens again… ever!

Have you ever heard the saying be careful what you wish for? Well that was my 2009, the year of getting what I asked for and then some.

It all started December 2008 when I attended the first SyncCreation Workshop in Utah (traditionally they are done internationally).  Technically it started when I was asked to join the SyncCreation team and met Dr. Joe Gallenberger. From my first exposure with SyncCreation I have been on my seats edge…

… I tend to be a very left brain, facts, tangible, down to earth kind of guy. I have also had many spiritual experiences that defied definition. These spiritual experiences were put in the gray space of my mind under quantum physics (once again a left brain approach to spirituality). I didn’t try to duplicate these experiences and instead, spent more time trying to explain them using the beliefs I had all ready subscribed to.

That is when SyncCreation shook it up. SyncCreation has science backing it up; they use brain patterns and sound frequencies through headphones to create/duplicate intense, deep, stages of meditation. They then use these stages as the platform to manifest from while using the sea of humanity (people, Mentor, community, etc) to aid in the manifestation. They have conducted double blind tests; have a focus on results and have more then 20 years of research backing it up. I was hooked. Here was a window into the spiritual that had been laid out in such a way that it made it through my no Woo Woo filters.

Now before SyncCreation I was no stranger to Manifesting, the Law of Attraction and Psychokinesis. I went to the Great Life Foundation, read the Secret, saw What the Bleep Do We Know and the Matrix, and have spent many a years contemplating the universe. I thought that was a pretty solid foundation to understand the powers that be.

Understanding them, maybe, actually playing with them and using them in my life, not even close.

Okay I know I am getting a little off course. Let’s go back to the workshop in December 2008. It was Wednesday morning and I was in a room with some familiar faces, the people I work with, my wife Mimi, my business partner Justin and his wife Angie and a few other friends and acquaintances.

Then it began, 4 days of meditation, manifestation and awakening to the power that I hold, that we all hold…

…Can you meditate and completely clear your mind (cut out the brain chatter)?

After you cut out the brain chatter can you then expand your mind to receive messages and intuition?

Then, can you create a clear intention and a detailed pattern of it happening in your life all while, acknowledging, understanding and clearing the beliefs, fears, doubts and habits that prohibit it from coming into existence?

I couldn’t even get my mind clear let alone all of the other stuff before SyncCreation and it wasn’t from a lack of trying. But that is exactly what I did in that first workshop. No I didn’t do this with out some speculation. I had my fair share of doubt creep back up as I went away from the weekend. But I also had some solid experiences that I couldn’t deny (there is something about lighting a light bulb with your energy that makes theory reality!!!).

I put my notes, my experiences and my intentions on a shelf. I took them down from time to time to see where they were but it wasn’t until this December that it smacked me in the face. Here it was, exactly one year later and I was swimming in the manifestations of my intention.

I had my dream house, a room I could turn into a recording studio, a man shed, a huge cigar selection and some awesome vacations. It even got to the point were I was manifesting little things on a weekly basis like a new HD computer monitor, a mini fridge, finally figuring out a recording program, clothes, etc.

Yes these are all very material things, but my intention list had a tone of material things on it. But I also got the non material parts of my list, confidence in my business knowledge and skills, knowing what I am exceptional at, connecting with my son through things we both enjoy, connecting with my ancestry, creating new friends that expand my view of the universe and most importantly a beautiful, happy, healthy baby girl!!!

Sounds like a great year right? And it was. But it had a very high price. The universe listened and it came fast and hard. I have been sick more times this year then I have been in the past 8 years. I have had more stress then I can ever remember.  I have had more challenges that pulled at my soul then should happen in a year.

Some might say the adversary stood up to challenge me and/or detour me from creating such a miraculous year. I however, do not believe that is the case. I do not believe there is any force trying to stop my progression. I instead believe that I asked for a ton of things and in order for them all to happen I had to clear out a ton of things to make room (beliefs, doubts, fears, energetic blocks, etc). I spent long hours accomplishing this and it took its toll on my health.  I wanted a deeper connection with my family and ancestors and my grandfather died, not what I had in mind but it did create a deeper connection with my ancestry.

Yes 2009 was an epic year. Yes my list was accomplished both physical and spiritual. I am grateful for 2009 and it’s lessons and the results that I have to show from them. And I go into 2010 having learned that it is a horrible idea to buy a huge house that needs to be rehabilitated from top to bottom, while having a pregnant wife, working on 3 different companies as well as my own and with a whole list of intentions coming into fruition.

Once again, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it… and all at once!

During this recent SyncCreation workshop that happened last week. I decided that this year I am focusing only on a few manifestations; a super human immune system, a very peaceful, calm, complete household, a deeper spiritual and physical connection with my wife, spending time every day with my daughter and son, catching more fish, deepening my connections with my friends and family, making music and providing more value to others and receiving abundance in return.

You might notice there are a lot less material things this year. No it isn’t because I became more enlightened, it is because I got most of my material list done last year. Go ahead manifest the material, get the list of things that you desire in your life. That way you can join me in manifesting some of the finer things in life like health, connections with friends and family and creating art all from the comfort of the material things you have all ready manifested… I will be J

Bring it on 2010… nice and easy.

Abundance Tree Exercise

October 21, 2009

This exercise is designed to soften lack and guilt, two main blocks which, if present, will impede your energy. Feeling lack increases the odds that you will manifest lack. Feeling guilt constricts energy. This is a guided imagery exercise designed to help you release both.

Take two pieces of paper and label one A and the other B. Relax; ask for help from highest Source, from your body, and from your own unconscious. After you feel relaxed and connected, spend about 10 minutes listing on paper A, any sense of lack you feel, or have felt in the past, even as a kid. Do this even if it seems trivial, or if it seems that you are wrong or selfish to feel that way. Don’t exercise judgment, just observe with compassion. If it comes to you, trust it surfaced for a reason and jot it down.

List material and non-material things, such as:

* Any areas of lack in physical beauty, strength, coordination, and health
* Any areas of mental ability (trouble with math or spelling)
* Any emotional areas such as lack of happiness, ecstatic loving, or peace
* Any relationship areas such as lack of parental love, or caring and understanding from friends, mates, ministers, teachers
* Any material areas such as not getting a certain toy as a kid, money, etc.

Next, list on paper B, any ways — past or present — that you have felt any sort of guilt for acts and thoughts of omission or commission. Again, do this with a sense of non-judgmental, observant compassion. List minor things like not going to church on Sunday or forgetting someone’s birthday, as well as major things like hurting or failing yourself or another.

Now, take the lists and a pencil or marker with you and enter a relaxed or meditative state (perhaps playing soft music in the background). After you are relaxed and expanded, imagine yourself in a beautiful field of soft grass with the sun warming your body as a nice breeze keeps you fully comfortable. Close by is a grand abundance tree, strong in structure but in need of food. Nearby lie two piles of dead branches. In the first pile, see each entry on your list A as an individual branch, large or small. The branches represent the pattern that is both created by, and holds the dead, frozen energy that any sense of lack or guilt create.

Now, imagine a large, gas-powered wood chipper like those that tree-cutting crews use. You know, those noisy machines with sharp rotating blades and a big chute out of which spew wood chips that are used as a fertilizing mulch. Turn on the wood chipper. Hear its powerful, smooth whine, and feed into it, one branch at a time, the pile of branches at your feet, crossing each off your list as you go. Hear the tone of the machine change and then return to its strong whine after each branch goes through. It works even better to make the sound of the wood chipper, letting your voice change as the branches go through. Smell the woody freshness of the released energy. When you have finished with the entire pile, turn off the chipper. Rest a moment, and then repeat the same process with your B list.

Then, in the vibrant silence, take the resulting pile of fresh, nutrient laden, wood chips and spread them around the base of your abundance tree. See the tree greening and growing fully healthy, with strong roots that reach deep into the earth and a crown that reaches to the heavens.

Give great thanks for the experiences that created the piles of branches, to the abundance tree, and then to yourself, for being willing to experience all those things. Bring yourself back to an awake and alert state and then throw away or burn your lists, letting go, once and for all, the constriction and pain represented by the lists.