What a Novel idea… Learning how to sit!

May 26, 2010


Have you ever met a person and decided you have to know more about them even before they say anything? Well, that was my experience when I first met Daniel Schmidt at Sylvia Nibley’s Community Connections lunch in.

After speaking with him briefly and getting glimpses into the pool of knowledge that his mind is immersed in, I decided to see him in action.

I showed up at his office with no idea about what to expect. It was a very quite, calm, peaceful place and I was welcomed with a smile from Dan.

About the pool of knowledge that I glimpsed before, I was just seeing the tip of the ice berg! With in minutes Dan was working at relieving the pain I have in my left, middle, back and was explaining the whole picture of why it was in pain.

I am no stranger to back pain and those that attempt to relieve it. This back pain was the result of a biking accident where I crashed going 45 + miles an hour in Moab Utah. I have had this part of my back worked on many times, for years.

So, what was different this time? How was Dan different from others that have attempted to un knot my back? Here is what I noticed; he didn’t dive right into the spot on my back that hurt. He actually started with the rest of my body and got me really comfortable first.

Then he loosened up my ribs… Who knew that ribs can be loosened? I sure didn’t, but I felt it! His approach was soft and fluid like he was moving my muscles, arms, neck, etc around as he listened to what they were telling him.

He explained that the pain is being protected and if he opens up the wound indirectly then when he works on it, it will let him in. Not only did it make sense, it worked and was less painful then the, dive right into the sore spot, approach that I have experienced before.

When I asked him what the work he was doing was called he went through his list… and it is a long list! This guy is certified in all sorts of things! He then went on to tell me about the histories of the things he was practicing and why he was using them.

I felt as though I had walked into a workshop on how the body works while my body was getting worked.

Now if you have read any of my other blogs, you will know that I am kind of a geek, very left brain, and I love knowledge. This experience with Dan was like meeting a sage who has spent his life as a student of the body and then the sage, not only expressed his journey, but showed me how his journey felt.

Dan not only explained why he was doing what he was doing, he also explained how I can do it for myself. I found this to be truly refreshing!

Here Dan was filling my mind with as much information as I could hold and I found myself wanting to go back so that I could learn and experience what was next.

One of the things that Dan explained to me was about the spine and how to relieve pressure on it. I am not an expert so I won’t go into details but he showed me how to adjust (in a soft simple way) the different areas of my spine. He taught me something that I think should be taught in kindergarten; how to sit.

I have always thought that good posture was hard work and the reason why people don’t have good posture is because they are lazy with the way they hold their bodies. After experiencing what Dan showed me, I actually believe that good poster can be easier then poor posture, if we know what good posture is.

After my experience with Dan, which I thought was only an hour but to my surprise was 2 ½ hours, I went to get into my car. As I sat down I noticed that I was so tall that my Hair touched the ceiling. This had never happened before!

All day today I have been conscious of my poster and I have used what Dan has taught me. I am using it before bed and in the morning and every time I sit at my desk I adjust to take care of my spine.

If you have pain in your body and you would like to know how it got there, why it got there, why it is still there and what to do to make it go away… I know a sage that will take that journey with you.


Do you believe you can have it all?

May 6, 2010

I John Rogers, am a Father, a husband, a musician, a lyricists, a business consultant, a fisherman, a skater, a snowboarder, a life coach, an eccentric, a practitioner of SyncCreation, a leader, a follower, and a friend.

While I define myself as these things I am also me with out them. However, right now in this moment I acknowledge all of these things as parts of my life that I choose to nurture, give energy and create with.

Each of these things takes time and energy. Some of these things create time and energy.  All of these things I choose to do… All of them!

I have a belief that I would like to share with you. I believe that I can have it all!

I believe that I can have two kids and still go on vacations. I believe that I can work for someone else and still have my own business. I believe that I can have a 5 year child from a different woman then my wife and still have a peaceful family were all members come together to create love for that child. I believe I can make a difference and be spiritually connected and still party like it is 1999. I believe I can be left brain and right brained at the same time, physical and spiritual, expansive and centered.

Many times this belief has been challenged. Many times, this belief has even caused me stress, lack of sleep and even war with those who do not believe this.

In a world with premade, mass produced, belief boxes for those of us who want to use them. I understand that this believe is contradictory to many. I understand that many believe one can not drink and be responsible, even spiritual. I understand that many believe one can not travel with little kids.

I acknowledge those beliefs. I appreciate the people who choose those beliefs. When I have chosen those beliefs in the past it has seemed easier and simpler.  I how ever choose not to give up something for something else.

Here are some evidence/beliefs that I subscribe to that support my belief that I can have it all. That the universe is abundant and ever expanding, that I am the co-creator of my universe, that where there is a will there is a way, that I attract what I put out and that there are others who belief they can have it all and are willing to support that belief.

Once again, I appreciate the people who choose to believe that they only have so many options and choices due to time, money, family, social status, etc. and if you are one of those people, bravo! You probably sleep better at night!

However, I invite you to; never make the thing you choose, feel like it is the reason you didn’t have all of what you want!!! Never let your kids feel like the reason you didn’t travel and gave up your hobbies, was because you had to be a dad. Never let your work feel like the reason you never started your own business was because you were stuck at your job.  Never let time feel like the reason you didn’t become a musician, actor or artist was because there wasn’t enough time to do both.

If you CHOOSE to spend your focus on the 3 most important things out of the 10 things you want to do, do it with pride. Let them know that you did it because you wanted to immerse yourself into the things you choose to care about most!

For those of you, who like me, choose to believe that we can have it all. Remember to be patient with yourself. You aren’t reaching for a star, your reaching for the stars. Remember to be resilient and that failures are steps to success. Remember to enjoy the journey. Remember to take care of yourself, physically, spiritually and mentally. In this journey you must learn and become refined in both body and soul so that you are able to hold “it all”.

And most of all, remember that there are others out there like you. People who are willing, who are enjoying the journey, attaining their dreams and having it all!

A Peace of the world

April 8, 2010

Have you ever found yourself wanting world peace? Have you ever imagined what that would look like? What would be different? What would have to change to have world Peace?

It has been said that if you put the wisest minds together in a room with the intention to have them come out with a list of how to create world peace. They would never come out, because they would fight over how it should be done.

I like the idea of world peace. Sure there is a part of me that says with out war we would not appreciate peace. But to that part I say, “you can still have chaos and destruction without war.” Pain and anger are natural, hate is man made.

That being said, in the past as I pondered what I can do to create world peace I have become overwhelmed with how small I am compared to the amount of war and violence and hate that is out there.

At times I have found solace in knowing that there are other people on this planet that are standing for peace but all to often I find that they are actually creating war by trying to project their view of what peace is and how it can be attained… and again I feel small.

A week ago I attended the SyncCreation Advanced Workshop and had the opportunity to look at my beliefs about peace and what it would take to create it in this world, in my life time.

I again had my beliefs about my ability to make a difference on such a huge challenge show up. At first I was a little disturbed that I was going to be using my energy on something so distant and possibly unattainable. Why not put it on something smaller, more local, etc?

As we prepared to focus our intention and send energy to world peace Dr. Joe Gallenberger invited us to increase our energy so that it is bigger then the challenge at hand and even bigger then this world. From a left brain interpretation that made sense on quantum physics, size is all relative, way. There is a universe in me (my atoms, cells, etc) and we are a universe in another universe, in another and so on (more on this, another day).

So I decided to give it a try. We sat in a circle and sent energy to the center with the focus and intention of moving world peace one step closer. As I began, I let my energy climb combing from the sky, meeting with the earth mixing with my heart and moving towards the middle of the circle through my hands.

I watched/felt the energy move out me going to the middle of the circle. I began to feel my energy expand until I/it filled up the room, until it filled up the city, the state, the U.S. Then as it span across oceans I found stepping back, as if to exit the earths atmosphere. I rapped my arms around the earth and felt it size shrinking in my embrace until I found myself holding it in my hands.

No longer was I sending my energy to the middle of the circle, I was sending my energy to the earth as I stood among the stars. At that moment I had the thought to send the world peace by creating a REBAL (an energy balloon) of peace around the earth.  As I went to do this it became clear that there was already a REBAL around the earth.

When I realized this, something clicked in my conscious; that the earth itself is already peace. That it has a REBAL of protection and that each piece of the earth, of Mother Nature, with all of her many facets, is peace, harmony, creation, passion… As this realization flooded over me I experienced an overwhelming feeling of support; that I was not alone in creating and maintaining peace on this planet.

With that thought I leaned in to look at the dance of peace that I held and found myself falling into the world as if it opened up to embrace me with its peace. Next thing I new I was in a meadow with one singular tree. It was a very modest tree, nothing spectacular about it.

But even though the meadow was barren for miles I could feel a glow of peace radiating from the tree as if the size of the tree was an illusion. The glow from the tree was that of a thousand forests and as I gazed at its beauty I heard as clear as day “as long as there is one tree there will always be a being standing for peace” .

Overwhelmed with the power of this message and with my attention on the tree, I did not notice that the meadow had turned from a barren meadow to one rich with life, trees, bushes, birds, animals… I could feel the peace exuding from each of them as it surrounded me.

I took a deep breath to breathe in the moment and as I did, I became aware that I too was radiating with peace. I could feel it as the harmonious symphony of my cells and organs worked to sustain life. I could feel it vibrate through my nervous system as it transmitted this experience across the network that is me.

Tears formed in my eyes as if they were being pushed out to make room for the immense gratitude I was feeling. Gratitude for truly feeling the peace that is me, gratitude that I now knew I was never alone and would never be alone, grateful for this surreal moment that would forever change my belief; about peace, the size of my soul, this beautiful earth and much more.

Through my gratitude I found myself back in the circle, in the room, in SLC Utah. I could hear the breaths of those in the circle with me and a smile came across my lips as I knew they too were a stand for peace…

…I am a peace of the world…

Creating my world, one day at a time!

March 16, 2010

3 Months and 16 days and not one time has the Magic of creating a Clear Intention failed me.

I am sure you have heard it before. All of this talk about; the law of attraction, affirmations and creating a clear intention to manifest it into existence.

I have met many people and gone to many workshops (both business and Spiritual) that have issued a challenge to apply the law of attraction to making your day each morning.

All of these suggestions were ridding the wave that books like; The Secret, Abraham Hicks, The Power of Now, etc, had created. It all sounded like a great idea and years ago, with the support and prompting of a life coach, I even gave it a try.

This was the plan; every morning grab my journal and write down what I wanted to create each day. Every night grab the journal and write down how it went and what lessons I learned. Great plan and I did it… for about 3 days.

What were my results? Lots of moments, after the three initial days, of sitting in my car, on the way to work, realizing that I had forgotten to do it again and cussing under my breath with a promise to do it tomorrow.

I know that there are those of you out there that have pulled this one off. People who somehow manage to take the time every morning to write down in their journal. If you are one of these people, I invite you to comment below on how you did/do this!

To those of us who don’t pull it off that way. I invite you to keep reading…

So, here I it is over 6 years later and somewhere along the way, I realized I had a belief that “it has to look a certain way”.

I think the belief that “it has to look a certain way” was also amplified by my, what many have called, OCD. A great curse to have, if you are making business plans and management systems, etc. Not so great, if you are attempting to find a way to manifest your intentions into reality.

I have the thought, that I am not the only person who has found that a certain belief was/is standing directly between them and what they wanted. This belief often led me to frustration, expectations and disappointment.

The first step was acknowledging the belief. The second step was to do some work that would clear the belief while practicing a new one (more on this another time).

On January 1st, along with the millions of other New Years Resolutionists, I decided to give it another go. Since the last time I tried, I had picked up / created a few tools that have made my ability to set goals and achieve them sky rocket so I figured now was the time. Except this time I didn’t have the belief of “it has to look a certain way” fogging up my vision.

Every morning, when I get to work, I see this bright neon pink post it that I leave out on my desk (pink for dramatic affectJ). I keep it simple and write at the top of the pink post it “created today” (affirmation in the now). Then I write a list of what I am creating.

That’s it, no journal and not even until I get to work. Granted, I leave my car ride to work up to chance and on weekends I usually get around to doing it at 11 am but I have found that doing it this way works great… for me.

So here I am 3 months and 16 days later… and what are my results? I can honestly say that every intention I have written, I have created!

Granted, I am keeping my intentions to things that I don’t have huge beliefs about (fears, doubts, behavior patterns, etc. Those I am still working on and they will make this list soon. But with what I am writing down I have accomplishing some pretty miraculous stuff.

Here is an example. One day I wrote:

Created today

  • Connection
  • Energy
  • Fun

And on that day I meet 3 new people that I really connected with and became friends with. I had tons of energy and the whole day was a blast. In fact, now I write Energy on almost all of my days.

Here is one of my favorites. Just one week ago, I wrote:

Created Today

  • Energy
  • Financial Abundance
  • Accomplishment

With in 10 minutes of writing this my wife called me and said that she had talked to the hospital about the baby delivery bills. (They had told us the day before that we still owed them $750 dollars. When my wife told me this I couldn’t believe my ears, not another bill!).

When she called them up them up that morning they noticed that they had screwed up and that they owed us almost $1,000 dollars. With this new news we ended up paying off all the rest of the doctor bills with money left over… and on top of that I had a ton of Energy and accomplished allot!

Over and over this has worked for me and here is why I think it does this time:

  • Unlike last time, I found a way that worked with the way I all ready do things, i.e. lists, at the office, pink post its, etc.
  • Instead of assuming I know how the energy, financial abundance, etc is going to come to me, I stay open to how ever it might come.
  • I stay aware, conscious and in tune so that when it comes I notice and I take advantage of it.
  • And I practice it over and over so that I train my mind, body and spirit that this is reality not just theory.

If you are all ready manifesting your day, each day, keep it going, you are a superstar. To the rest of the world that, like me, didn’t pull it of at first try, here is my invitation for you; keep going! Find a way that makes sense to you and the way that you do things. Notice the beliefs that might be standing in your way and above all keep it simple!

–          Mr. Rogers

To all my extreme friends and family… Take a rest!

February 9, 2010

Here it is, time to come clean; I am an addict. That is correct; you heard it from me before you heard it through the grape vine.  To my friends and family who might be wondering how they did not know this about me until now; I would have told you but I just realized…

…I had been invited by an inspiring friend of mine, Sylvia Nibley, to participate in the filming of something… I wasn’t quite sure what. I said yes because every time I hang out with Sylvia and her community, I walk away the wiser.

It was Friday the 29th at 1 pm. I showed up to some familiar faces. Shannon Simomelli (The class/lady I wrote Dancing into my body about), as well as other people that I am sure I will be soon writing about, were there.

As it got started Dan Howard was introduced. I had seen him speak before and I was inspired by his calmness and sincerity. I also thought he looked very familiar. Come to find out I have known both of his sons for years (see you guys in Kamas and at echo this year!).

Dan started by telling us that the message he wanted to share would only take minutes. This caught me as strange since I was told we were going to be here for 4 hours. Dan was right, it only took a few minutes for his message… and then 4 hours to start comprehending the depth of it.

He explained what he calls Intentional Resting. Sounds simple enough, to intentionally rest for ourselves, right? He went on to explain how, because of the chaos/distractions of the world, we never let our bodies reach homeostasis, we keep our attention (and intention) so distracted that we very rarely have time to heal.

I am sure you are no stranger to meditation and have probably paused to send your headache some light, received a massage, spent a day relaxing to recharge, etc. This is in the same vain that Dan spoke about but his was a little simpler and for me it was a piece I have been searching for.

Just a week before I listened to Dan speak about Intentional Resting I was speaking to a friend about stress. I was mentioning how I couldn’t figure out why I was getting ill all the time. Yes I live a very active and stressful life (or so I am told, I think my stress meter is broken), but I take time out to relax, meditate, go on vacations, etc.

The person laughed and pointed out that even when I meditate, I meditate in an extreme way. They were joking but I got the message. I realized that my idea of relaxing was working on the house, cleaning, etc. My idea of meditation was using SyncCreation to remove energetic blocks and manifest things into my life, or take the Zen approach and send energy through me by actively clearing my mind.  My idea of going on vacations was to see and do as much as I could.

I realized that I didn’t know what relaxing was. I spent that night and many sense thinking about it as I lay awake (yes I even sleep intensely)…

Back to the class, here was Dan, telling me about rest. I had heard this word but it wasn’t part of my vocabulary. He told me that we can rest for our wounds. We can rest for our aches, we can rest for our bodies, our immune system, etc. and after telling us this he showed us.

He had us say, I am resting for my _____ now. I did it for my lower back because it was a little uncomfortable. He had us say I am resting into my ______ now. After I said this not only did my lower back feel better, I felt more present, but most importantly I felt true rest… that simple.

The more he talked about rest; resting for ourselves and others, the more I realized, just like my friend said, there wasn’t one thing I did that was actually resting! I have been told I was addicted to extremes before. But I wrote it off because I also relaxed. But I wasn’t relaxing and in fact I was just juicing up doing a less active way of using, creating and burning up more energy.

In that moment I got it and now I am okay with telling you. I am addicted to the highs of everything! Yes I know the power of affirmation. But if I started the article out with I now rest it wouldn’t have captured the addictive irony of this article.

My new affirmation is that I am a well rested person. I have the thought that the more rested I am the more I can be awake (I know there is a quote or something like this).  All last week I caught myself jumping from extremes to extremes. But now I know! And now I pause and rest!

All ready I have felt it affect my health, I have noticed it in my ability to be in tune with my body, I have even shared this with others and felt it bring whole rooms together and rested in minutes.

To all the other addicts of the extreme; take a moment, pause and rest… we could all use some! And imagine a world of well rested beings, present and peaceful… now that is the stuff!

Here is a side story. I was in Vegas last weekend to see Preston and Kimball (A.K.A. Fyzyk and Litmus One) play a show (hip-hop with a soul and conscious lyrics). Before the show I was sitting with Preston (one of my best buddies in the whole universe) and I was having a hard time connecting with him.

I thought it might be due to the long (but awesome) car ride or that we were just on different pages. Then it clicked that he wasn’t really there with me. He was 4 hours a head thinking about the show with nervousness. Some how the conversation got turned into a discussion about meditation and energy (happens all the time with Preston and I. If you don’t believe me listen to Preston and Kimball’s lyrics and read my other blogs).

He asked me to walk him through a meditation. I had been thinking about Intentional Resting a lot so I explained it to him and asked him if he would like to give it a try. He said yes so I invited him to close his eyes and repeat “I am resting for my body now”.

When he said it the room went still and so did his jitters (twitching leg, etc). I then asked him to repeat “I am resting into my body now”. I felt all of his energy that was somewhere else come and settle in his body. I got goose bumps! I looked around the room and I could tell by the expression on everyone’s face that they felt Preston arrive.

He went on to rest for his brother Kimball and the crowd that would be at the show and then sat in the rest for a few minutes. The rest of the time before the show was beautiful, everyone there felt connected, present, and in the moment and it set a beautiful tone for the evening.

As for the show later that night; ask anyone there and they will tell you that Preston and Kimball were the 2 most present people that performed. The energy flowed through them like water. There crowed was connected and engaged. It was beautiful, powerful, inspiring and fun as heck!

What an awesome experience of resting!

Poker playing… and actually winning! What a metaphor for life!

January 21, 2010

As I mentioned in previous posts, I happen to have a unique profession that allows me to do things like spend 4 days meditating with 24 very inspiring and powerful people (that was this January’s SyncCreation workshop).

I also have the opportunity to go to Las Vegas… to gamble… and meditate… as part of my job.  About 4 times a year SyncCreation hosts its Las Vegas Adventure. 3 days of meditation, throwing the dice, and practicing affecting the physical with our energy, while in an intense environment.

While many people practice being inspiring creators and in the comfort of their own environment. The SyncCreation folks, as Dr. Joe Gallenberger says, “see how fun it is to light a candle in the darkness”. In other words; practice creating intentions and manifesting them amongst the chaos (lights, smoke and noise) of a casino.

The last time I went to the Las Vegas adventure was this summer and it was one of my most fun experiences of 2009. I met people that could get slot machines to go (by go I mean give them money) by just getting in tune with them. I saw, felt and experienced being in tune with the dice as I rolled long runs at the craps table.

The Las Vegas Adventure is a highly enjoyable experience and it as also very powerful. It gave me the opportunity to test my ability to be in tune with my intuition on a minute by minute basis. It changed my beliefs about money. Heck, it showed me my beliefs about money and because I was finally clear what they were I had the choice to change them.

While describing all of the things I learned at the Las Vegas Adventure and sharing every detail might be fun (for me at least) I did title this Poker Playing and Actually Winning for a reason. I have played electronic poker (online and off) as well as poker (Texas hold’em to be specific) with my friends for years. I really enjoy the game. I find it an exercise in willpower, strategy and reading other people’s energy. All things I find to be very valuable skills.

Before I went to the Vegas Workshop I had never played poker in a casino. Doing so was on my list of things to do way before I die. I had some good runs on the dice table and the group was done for the day so I thought I would give it a try.

I went in the room with the intent to be present, in the moment and focus more on listening to my intuition and feeling the game then trying to out strategize the other players. I sat down in the last spot of a full table. As I got started in the game I overheard talk from a few of the players about making sure they were logging in enough hours of playing for the casino. I could tell they were regulars.

I started out with five dollars. I played for about 20 minutes. I could feel the energy build, I could decipher between the nervousness of my first time and the flow of the energy as it moved from player to player.  I could feel who was going to win and when I should bet.

I rode my intuition all the way to winning $68 dollars in 20 minutes and then I felt a shift in energy. I felt my energy pull back from the table and pull in the direction of the door. I got up, cashed out, tipped the dealer and left… $68 dollars in 20 minutes… not bad for a first timer.

Before that week, when I played live poker with my buddies, I would usually be one of the last 3 or 4 people left (out of about eight people). I had never won. Since the Vegas Workshop I have played 3 times and I have one every time (or ended the game with some version of the split pot due to the time).

I think I have found a sweet spot, a balance between strategy and intuition (this is something Joe teaches at the craps table as well). Sometimes I find myself relying more on one while starting to ignore the other. When this happens my game starts to tank.

If I maintain my strategy, constantly check in with my intuition and start the game out with a clear intention to win (I usually couple that with intentions of having fun and deepening my relationship with my friends)…  I win.

Will this happen every time? I don’t know. What I do know is that poker has just taken on a whole new level for me. It has become an opportunity to practice my intuition and stay in tune while maintaining the will power to follow my strategy. And yes it has also inspired me to practice that in life as well.

That being said, you want to play some poker?

Be carefull what you wish for… I got it all and then some!

January 12, 2010

It is a new year, a time for reflection and creating new direction.  How was your 2009? After chewing over this question for a time I decided that I was glad that 2009 happened as long as it never happens again… ever!

Have you ever heard the saying be careful what you wish for? Well that was my 2009, the year of getting what I asked for and then some.

It all started December 2008 when I attended the first SyncCreation Workshop in Utah (traditionally they are done internationally).  Technically it started when I was asked to join the SyncCreation team and met Dr. Joe Gallenberger. From my first exposure with SyncCreation I have been on my seats edge…

… I tend to be a very left brain, facts, tangible, down to earth kind of guy. I have also had many spiritual experiences that defied definition. These spiritual experiences were put in the gray space of my mind under quantum physics (once again a left brain approach to spirituality). I didn’t try to duplicate these experiences and instead, spent more time trying to explain them using the beliefs I had all ready subscribed to.

That is when SyncCreation shook it up. SyncCreation has science backing it up; they use brain patterns and sound frequencies through headphones to create/duplicate intense, deep, stages of meditation. They then use these stages as the platform to manifest from while using the sea of humanity (people, Mentor, community, etc) to aid in the manifestation. They have conducted double blind tests; have a focus on results and have more then 20 years of research backing it up. I was hooked. Here was a window into the spiritual that had been laid out in such a way that it made it through my no Woo Woo filters.

Now before SyncCreation I was no stranger to Manifesting, the Law of Attraction and Psychokinesis. I went to the Great Life Foundation, read the Secret, saw What the Bleep Do We Know and the Matrix, and have spent many a years contemplating the universe. I thought that was a pretty solid foundation to understand the powers that be.

Understanding them, maybe, actually playing with them and using them in my life, not even close.

Okay I know I am getting a little off course. Let’s go back to the workshop in December 2008. It was Wednesday morning and I was in a room with some familiar faces, the people I work with, my wife Mimi, my business partner Justin and his wife Angie and a few other friends and acquaintances.

Then it began, 4 days of meditation, manifestation and awakening to the power that I hold, that we all hold…

…Can you meditate and completely clear your mind (cut out the brain chatter)?

After you cut out the brain chatter can you then expand your mind to receive messages and intuition?

Then, can you create a clear intention and a detailed pattern of it happening in your life all while, acknowledging, understanding and clearing the beliefs, fears, doubts and habits that prohibit it from coming into existence?

I couldn’t even get my mind clear let alone all of the other stuff before SyncCreation and it wasn’t from a lack of trying. But that is exactly what I did in that first workshop. No I didn’t do this with out some speculation. I had my fair share of doubt creep back up as I went away from the weekend. But I also had some solid experiences that I couldn’t deny (there is something about lighting a light bulb with your energy that makes theory reality!!!).

I put my notes, my experiences and my intentions on a shelf. I took them down from time to time to see where they were but it wasn’t until this December that it smacked me in the face. Here it was, exactly one year later and I was swimming in the manifestations of my intention.

I had my dream house, a room I could turn into a recording studio, a man shed, a huge cigar selection and some awesome vacations. It even got to the point were I was manifesting little things on a weekly basis like a new HD computer monitor, a mini fridge, finally figuring out a recording program, clothes, etc.

Yes these are all very material things, but my intention list had a tone of material things on it. But I also got the non material parts of my list, confidence in my business knowledge and skills, knowing what I am exceptional at, connecting with my son through things we both enjoy, connecting with my ancestry, creating new friends that expand my view of the universe and most importantly a beautiful, happy, healthy baby girl!!!

Sounds like a great year right? And it was. But it had a very high price. The universe listened and it came fast and hard. I have been sick more times this year then I have been in the past 8 years. I have had more stress then I can ever remember.  I have had more challenges that pulled at my soul then should happen in a year.

Some might say the adversary stood up to challenge me and/or detour me from creating such a miraculous year. I however, do not believe that is the case. I do not believe there is any force trying to stop my progression. I instead believe that I asked for a ton of things and in order for them all to happen I had to clear out a ton of things to make room (beliefs, doubts, fears, energetic blocks, etc). I spent long hours accomplishing this and it took its toll on my health.  I wanted a deeper connection with my family and ancestors and my grandfather died, not what I had in mind but it did create a deeper connection with my ancestry.

Yes 2009 was an epic year. Yes my list was accomplished both physical and spiritual. I am grateful for 2009 and it’s lessons and the results that I have to show from them. And I go into 2010 having learned that it is a horrible idea to buy a huge house that needs to be rehabilitated from top to bottom, while having a pregnant wife, working on 3 different companies as well as my own and with a whole list of intentions coming into fruition.

Once again, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it… and all at once!

During this recent SyncCreation workshop that happened last week. I decided that this year I am focusing only on a few manifestations; a super human immune system, a very peaceful, calm, complete household, a deeper spiritual and physical connection with my wife, spending time every day with my daughter and son, catching more fish, deepening my connections with my friends and family, making music and providing more value to others and receiving abundance in return.

You might notice there are a lot less material things this year. No it isn’t because I became more enlightened, it is because I got most of my material list done last year. Go ahead manifest the material, get the list of things that you desire in your life. That way you can join me in manifesting some of the finer things in life like health, connections with friends and family and creating art all from the comfort of the material things you have all ready manifested… I will be J

Bring it on 2010… nice and easy.